Monday, August 31, 2009

Introducing Raymond

Raymond Null was born and raised in Zeigler Illinois and after graduating from high school, he traveled to the Chicago area where he worked and became a member of the United Steel Workers union and later a member of the United Auto Workers union. Being restless while working in the factories he decided to move to the Fort Lauderdale Florida area where he entered into the field of Law Enforcement. Raymond became a sworn member of the Wilton Manors Police Department (Florida) for just over 12 years. He atttended the local Jr. College after graduating from the Police Academy and became interested in creative writing and criminal law. He furthered his education with classes at the Florida Atlantic University, and extension classes from a University School of Law. While working in law enforcement as a uniformed patrol officer, he was instrumental in saving the life of a 71- year-old woman and in a seperate incident; he saved a 4-year-old boy from drowning in a rock pit. For these humanly actions, he was awarded the cities highest citation awards and honor plaques from the city council and the Police Department. "We are proud to have you as an Officer," the council president said to Raymond as he read a special tribute commendation for actions "Above and Beyond the Call of Duty," and placed it into the city's permanent charter. More honors followed from the Police Chief, the City's Auxiliary Police Department, the local Fraternal Order of Police, the Greater Fort Lauderdale 100 Club, and the National Police Hall of Fame. Raymond finished his career with a permanent appointment from the Governor to the state crime advisory board and the rank of Chief Supervisor of the Detective Bureau. After his resignation from the department, he returned to his home town area of southern Illinois where he entered into the field of Country Music as a singer for a short period of time. After recording in Nashville Tennessee on a couple of occasions, he left the music field and eventually retired from Industrial Management. Today he lives a quiet life with his wife Edith, and spends his time writing songs, books of actual cases that he worked or was associated with, short stories, nostalgic poetry, and movie scripts. He is the author of eight books including one that is titled "The Midnight Murders." According to the books description, it begins with a murder when the detective was seven years of age and a promise made to his mother to catch his brothers killer. The book details his reasons for becoming a police officer and how he quickly rose through the ranks and was promoted to homicide detective. While taking every course and seminar he could on investigative procedures, he continued to study and work on his brothers murder case. Finally, in a desperate gamble to bring the perpetrator to justice, the detective quit his beloved south Florida occupation as a detective and moved back to his boyhood homeland in southern Illinois where he settled his family. There, the investigation encounters a great deal of family resentment and resistance as well as uncooperative acquaintances from his brother's past. As the suspense builds for the former detective, he learned the complicated history of his brother's return from World War ll and about his brutal murder shortly before his twentieth birthday. It also become clear that he will need to use everything he knows about catching killers to survive this investigation...which he skillfully accomplishes with a full disclosure of "Who" and "Why," thus ending the 46 year old huanting mystery of the person responsible for the unsolved death of his brother." Anyone wanting details on how and where to order Raymonds exciting and very interesting books or just to visit with him, may do so at Don't hesitate to get to know him, he will answer all those who contact him.

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